Know More About Mena

Founded in 1979, Mena Group for Constructions and Trading has been regarded as one of the most pioneer companies in the field of constructions in Egypt. And for more than a quarter of a century now, it has successfully built a well-earned reputation for excellence in urban and real estate development, contributing in residential and commercial constructions in Egypt, Lebanon and Sudan.


Mena Group for Constructions and Trading is associated with a rich history of achievements in creating remarkable residential and commercial units to appeal to every taste and serve every need. The state-of-the-art architectures and creative designs of our projects are both attractive and at the same time practical and possess the rigidity that make them durable and maintainable.


The trust that Mena Group for Constructions and Trading has built with its vast experience and know-how is the reason why both investors and quality home seekers prefer to deal with the good name of Mena Group for Constructions and Trading.

Our Vision

What We See
In Mena for Construction and Trading, we believe in people’s dreams. We appreciate thoughts and fantasy and we invest in them. We make it possible to live in remarkable communities as we always aim for developing a better tomorrow for the next generations.

Our Mission

What We Think

Our clients and our team are partners. That is the concept that helped Mena for Construction and Trading become a leader in building value-added homes for our clients by creating a successful partnership with each and every one of them.

Our employees are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional workmanship, extraordinary service, and professional integrity. We believe our commitment to this mission will allow Mena for Construction and trade to be the premiere real estate developer in Egypt and the whole region.

Our Objectives

What We Plan

2020 is a significant milestone for Mena Group for Constructions and Trading. By that point in time, we aim to achieve some of our key objectives for the distinct stage:

1. Lean Environmental
We will be the expert in presenting our clients with the best solutions while maintaining waste reduction and complying with the highest standards. Utilizing eco-friendly irrigation systems and solar cells for energy production are two schemes that we, at Mena Group for Constructions and Trading, are determined to apply in all of our upcoming large scale compounds.

2. Support of National Economy
Through building new projects and creating opportunities for employment for thousands of youth of different disciplines Mena Group for Constructions and Trading aims to make itself a recognized name by its contribution to the country.

3. Reinforced Renowned Status
Through connecting between our history and past achievements and our modernistic vision to achieve a new definition for quality for all our stakeholders and clients.